Logging out and clearing cache on Fire Stick

We recommend that you log out after watching.  However, you can leave the app running but it will go into sleep mode eventually.

Once it enters sleep mode, or the app is not responding this can usually be fixed by simply logging out and then logging back in.

Occasionally you may need to do a force stop, clear the cache and restart the app on the Fire Stick.  It's easy, below are the instructions

  1. Go to Home on Firestick
  2. Scroll to Settings
  3. Click down and go to Applications and click on it
  4. Scroll down to Managed Installed Applications and click on it
  5. Select the app
  6. Click Force Stop, then Clear Cache and then Launch Application
  7. Logout if you weren't prompted to login
  8. Login

This should clear most issues, but can be avoided by following the instructions prior to the app going into sleep mode.  Sometimes after following the onscreen instructions prior to entering sleep mode you will need to logout and then log back in and not do the entire force stop on the Fire Stick.

Again, we also recommend logging out of the app when you are done watching.

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